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July 22, 2011


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Fascinating city, it would seem a city that houses all the cultures, people and cars of the world in one huge mosiac. How do you ever find your way back each evening! We trip along behind you happily!!!!

Keep going, beautiful Sis! I am so happy you are having so much fun!

Really enjoying this Mexico City trip! I'd love to visit someday! It's fascinating!

Hi you two! I am envious of your adventure! I could use that kind of culture infusion about now! Photos are beautiful. I am headed into another kind of environment . . . treating myself to three nights up in the pine forest of Idyllwild, CA, where I will connect with friends I have not seen for years. They will tell me about their recent adventures to Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, and the thriving pottery scene there. And tales of the ever-growing family of my dear friend, Juan Quezada. Interesting how small the world really is. Enjoy the rest of your visit! (And enjoy the fact that you are not in the Midwest where it is 100 degrees and 95% humidity! Wonder if it's the same in OK?) I'm headed for dry and cool climates . . . and will eat all the artichokes from Castroville next week that I can stuff into this already-stuffed bod! XXXOOO

You went WHERE without me?!??!!! #@!!%!!

Beautiful pics....love the contrasting buildings....so I feel like I'm missing something...how long are you going to be in Mexico City? Is it just for sightseeing or another purpose? Looking forward to the Museum pics.....just don't get arrested again!

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