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July 15, 2011


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Your brother has been in Mexico for TWO WEEKS and he has to break you out of a Mexico prison? What kind of example is THAT from a big sister?? You better show some respect for authority over there, or I'm tellin' Mom...

Magnificent! So much to see and do, the weighty feeling of human history through the ages seems pervasive here. It must have been a thrill to see the original Rivera murals. Too bad you didn't get to keep all your pictures! Looking forward to more!

ARRESTED!.... another addition to your exploits. What an amazing city, I hope you are there for a good length of time. Picture #13 seemed very odd, what WERE those figures supposed to be doing!!!???
Amazing architecture and restorations, what a colourful past! The many books we have all read are great, but to actually be lucky enough to wander about among yesterdays is wonderful. Thanks for this post!

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