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July 01, 2011


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I'm curious as to why you gave Angostura the "Oddest Place Name in Mexico" award. I'm sure you know that the word means 'narrows'. It's actually the place name of various spots in the USA as well as in Mexico.

IMHO, the town that wins the "Oddest Place Name in Mexico" award is in Baja California, just south of Ensenada: that one is called "Sal Si Puedes"--'Get Out if You Can'. Whenever I see the sign, it makes me laugh.

Karen, of course you would notice that!! I kinda knew it was a paddleboard, as we also had a humongously long paddle in the truck...but really, they're all the same to me

We had wonderful luck and help with security: at some hotels in the States, the desk people let us park right in front of the main door so they could see it all night from the desk. In Navajoa MX, the Best Western del Rio has a secure parking lot with guards at night. And once or twice we just backed the truck right up to Greg's motel room door--he's a light sleeper.

Thank you for your correction, and get back here!

That's not a surfboard silly!! It's a stand up paddleboard (sup) but did the trick all the same! What did u do at nite to keep it from being stolen?? Sounds like a fun trip to do with ur bro! Xoxoxo

Holy cow with that freaking wall! You really were not kidding, that thing is just creapy. I am glad it is there though, it makes me feel safer living here in Mexico knowing that all those ugly Americans cant just meander down here.

We came down in a 34 foot Class A RV - my lovely Catherine was driving the whole way - talk about "no problems with the federales" - you try pulling up to a stop with a woman driving a big rig in Mexico and see how they treat you!

Happy travels! We drove to San Diego a few years ago and that wall gave us the creeps too. That and the extra border checkpoints along that interstate.

Terrific .... now I have my first glimpse of this trip.... and what a wonderful time to spend with your brother.. everyone needs to travel with a surf board on their roof.. very cool dudes! Safe journey.
PS(Did you have to pay a deposit on the truck when you crossed over???)

What a trip! Sounds grueling but fun too. Safe travels!

Candice, this is great stuff. I'm always interested in the where's and the why's, not to mention the how's of a road trip. Glad you are having a safe trip down.

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