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June 10, 2011


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Only you would drive from Seattle to San Poncho! What a CRAZY/FUN? trip! Would you do it again? Red surf board and all!
Did you get a bit of our summer when you were here in the NW? Remember our B&B here in Stayton, OR USA. We would love to host weary/nonweary travelers!
Heading to the Islands again in Oct.--getting close to heading your way-SOMEDAY! You have the best kept secret place in Mexico!!!! ENJOY!
We are hosting another wedding this August. Last year the bride rode in on her horse-quite enchanting!!!
Love your posts/blog!

I can almost smell the Museo de Chicle.

Candace, I love this post! The first part reminds me of our trip to San Sebastion. I've never heard of chicle sculptures or the Virgin of Rosario! Next trip, we obviously need to venture farther down that road. Can't wait for next Friday's post!

I love what these little miracles spawn in Mexico. Entire lives are changed by one other-worldly event. The tossing of rockets seems to accompany pretty well every occasion! who knows why!
And I never knew those resin statues were made from chicle. If these posts keep up, there is going to be an influx of tourists converging on little Talpa de Allende, this tourist will be in that crowd!

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