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June 03, 2011


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Now I don't mind flying - and I've been on small planes before. But the inside of that plane would have sent me running! You're a brave woman Candice!!

Beautiful country - can't wait to read about your adventures there.

Take care of yourself and get well soon!

Our poor blogger...... may the saint-of- getting-better arrive at your bedside and cast a spell of healing. What a great post to find for us... I am in awe of anyone who would get on such a plane and soar forth. The end result is so spectacular, isn't it amazing what is beyond the Fonatures and AI's and Timeshares of Mexico! Thanks for letting us see one of those wonderful places. GET BETTER SOON Senora Candice!

Hope you're soon beyond the flu bug. What a post! We took the drive to San Sebastion in November and were amazed at the difference in scenery and culture between beach and mountains. Looks like we should have ventured even further up the road to Talpa de Allende!

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