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May 27, 2011


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Hi, Candice...

It's me, I suspect I'm the midnight raccoon watching & enjoying your trials & tribulations done w/ such enduring & endearing humor !!
(I would be tearing my hair out 'til none remained in your situation!).
'Tho' since you're on the west coast (3 hrs behind) it's possible that a early morning sort from here at say 7AM would read as 4AM your time.

I get particularly huge chuckles from the adventures of Tracy Guadalupe (the little demonic scamp!).

I'm very late at night (Toronto time)since each night, I first visit the various web sites for the tech talk news /warnings/updates I post nightly to the Dancing Cactus. Followed by catch up at Rob's Board for the current info to re-warm my memories then about weekly to you to lighten up my spirits before my pre-dawn snack (2 roast beef sandwiches @ 5AM qualifies as a snack?).
Then off to just roam the web (time & cats, raccoons, opossums, skunks permitting).

Despite the lack of certainty of whom your visitors might be, please DON'T go putting more tracking ware on your site...

It's interesting to see how different we might imagine doing the move to Mexico thing is from the reality you show us!

Glad the effort brings you comfort & pleasure, even as it brings the same to those vicariously absorbing the vibe you describe.

Please keep on while you can!!! Sandy ;-)

I also read your blog faithfully every week, and really look forward to your adventures. I especially enjoyed the process of you building your house, and also the shopping trips to Mexican towns I have never been to that you take us on. I love your adventurous spirit!

I have your blog in "my favorites",and I think I found it refered to on another blog site I found on Mexconnect.

My husband and I go to the other coast of Mexico several times a year, Cozumel,which we love, but I enjoy learning about the other parts of Mexico as well.

Keep up the good work Candice, and I hope you feel much better very soon!

I have your blog on my iGoogle home page :-)
I've commented a couple of times that I am living vicariously through your home building experience (as mine in Bucerias is not working out nearly as I had planned...)
My husband and I will be in San Pancho the week of June 16-23 and would love to say 'hi' if you are in town.

Hey, I want one of those maps! That would be so cool. Thanks, Beck. I'll look into it...

It's Beck, reporting in! Go out to Coho in Redmond or Issaquah and have some grilled chicken tacos for me, or stop by Chandler's on Lake Union and have a grilled salmon salad. I miss those things! I also look at stats occasionally. I have one of those maps on my blog that gives me locations. I'm REALLY curious about who reads my blog from London. When I switch to the satellite view, it shows up as the intersection right outside the House of Commons. Love your blog Candace! Next trip to the Puerto Vallarta area, I'll stop in. My cousin and his wife stayed in San Pancho and that was their favorite spot! Next visit!

I too am helplessly addicted to the San Pancho Blog. I Love reading all the exploits and observations and seeing the pictures. It is so much better than reality TV which I ignore. And.... the style of writing, the wonderful humour, the sensitivity, the connections of the author are unmatched. Mexico is such a beautiful soul country and to have Candice's finger on it's heartbeat is like striking gold.

One of the first things I do on friday morning is click on your blog in "my favorites".....it's a ritual....so you better keep it up! Hope to see you soon....xoxo

Hi Candice - it will be interesting to see who comments. You know who I am :)

I love your blog and read it every Friday - please keep it up!

Enjoy your stay in Seattle.

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