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April 15, 2011


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Needless to say, living with Miss Tracy hasn't been easy today after this gross misrepresentation was published. ("Rampage" isn't strong enough.) "Pretender?!" ..."Pilferer?!"... "Thief?!" .... "TRAMP?!??!!!" Do ANY of you have any idea how many Guadalajara attorneys she keeps in her little black boo-......that is to say, programmed into her i-phone speed-dial? Be careful, San Panchitas. She'll slap your asses with a slander suit so fast your flip-flops won't remember how to float.

All I can say is; with Dick in town, you better keep an eye on that shameless little hussy! I suspect she will try to steal him and his affection as well. Not that she could but after this episode I am certain she will try anything!

She skipped town? She is gone? What a tramp... running off with Truman and Alcott like that, and they ALLOWED it..even with the stolen goods? Perhaps San Pancho is better off. We've seen enough heists around here lately! Let the Pink Pawed Pilferer go, I say.

Alcott didn't see the paintbrush because it was hiding in the pink floral bouquet Tracy Guadalupe received when she won the Miss San Pancho pageant. And that paint brush she is so wrongly accused of stealing? She thought it was a gift from Sra. Dulces. However, she has decided her talents shouldn't be limited to canvas when she, herself, is a masterpiece of beauty. She now uses her Frida paintbrush when applying her lipstick. And her lipstick of choice? Benjamin Moore Watermelon Red, of course!

Good to see Tracy back! and love getting glimpses of the house in the midst of her mayhem....

Oh god, that was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good thing Tracey went home with the boys, don't think the two of you could survive for long in the same household!

I loved it! Hilarious! That sneaky Tracy! Maybe she'll paint you something with the heisted paint brush!

Have a great time with Gretchen!!!!

(Love your turtle!)

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
It was the duo painters that clinched it, helplessly, hopelessly priceless! I loved it!

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