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April 22, 2011


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It actually looks more in "control" than most of the coastal towns..... as always lots of families enjoying a day at the beach together...... no bunnies, and when you have a beach, who really needs a bunny! Very nice look at San Pancho, and nice to see it does not go quite as crazy as some places. It is such a wonderful little spirit town, you have chosen so perfectly. Full of smiles. Happy Easter Candice!!!

Happy Easter! Looks like San Pancho is hoppin'! (No pun intended.) And there's the tuba and the town band! We were on Isla Mujeres for a month back in 2006 during the Easter break and the island and beaches were packed for two weeks. Fortunately, we were staying on the water out of town and the crowds evaporated in the late afternoon. The economy was more robust then and Mexican vacationers were checking door to door looking for room rentals. It was interesting!

Lots of action going on! Beautiful sunset photo.

Happy Easter

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