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April 08, 2011


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I want to tag along on one of these trips! I just love your stories!

Always follow your heart and your instincts. See what you found!!!
The shop looks adorable....not to mention the couple. I loved all the milagos in your photo.

Well that was certainly a fruitful shopping day! I love the candle holder and the Frida piece. You must have all kinds of artwork in your casa!

Actually, there were (ahem) male member milagros but I passed on 'em :-)

What a find! Great little shop and the lovely couple are now more artsy friends for you. The Frida Catrina is precious! And the milagos would make great ornaments for a rustic little Christmas tree - holes for strings already made. By the way, since there were breast milagros, were there no (ahem) male member milagros?

a little milagro unto itself...... your chance side trip on the way to the other milagros. :)

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