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April 29, 2011


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Yes, you should keep a wish list. I'll be coming to Bucerias in Sept. (I sent you an e-mail) and can bring some things.

Happy Birthday T!

SO insightful. The comfort items we line our nests with, and the one little teeny tiny thing that is missing becomes so monumental once we realize its absence! Here in Canada we eat these gawd-awful things called Cheezies (specific to Canada only). they turn our hands a sticky orange colour and they are calorie ridden and probably not from any one of the food groups, but boy do we miss them when we cross the border out of our country. Loved your blog today... you need to put a wish list out here for those of us who come and go.

Excuse me! Since Judith's brownies have made their way to Jalisco...I'd have to correct you and say her brownies are nationally renowned. Mmm...brownies.

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