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March 25, 2011


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To my readers: FYI, the previous comment from Thelma is from a dear friend who has passed her 80th birthday. Long ago, in the 60's and 70's, Thelma used to take a road trip every year through Mexico with two or three woman friends. She knows and loves Mexico thoroughly. As you can imagine, Mexico was a very different country then, and women driving alone were truly breaking new ground. I have sat spellbound listening to her stories. Thelma is one of my true heroines in life, and I am honored constantly by the fact that she reads and responds to my efforts on this blog.

Love you, Thelma!

DAMN! Candice, your description was so good that I felt like I was sitting right next to you! As I've said before, your blog really, really brightens my life here in the gray, cold NW.

you are some woman!! one day i really want to do that trip with you! Can I PLEASEEEE???

Posted last night but for some reason the site wouldn't accept my post - anyway - kudos to you for the driving. I need to try it again - I drove in Spain quite a bit - the country side was great - cities not so much.

I'll be in Bucerias Sept 2-9- hope to see you!! And your beautiful casa. Please e-mail me!

Youre a much braver woman than I will ever be! Gutsy is right!

DRIVING yourself in Guadalajara.... there should be medals, I have enough trouble second hand driving the bus driver, or taxi guy. and all in only 4 hours. Truly you need a medal! Gutsy Gringa!!!!

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