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March 18, 2011


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Wowser chica. It's been too long since I've visited your blog. However it made catching-up that much more enjoyable.

/s/ 1/3 of the tag team

Fabulous stories. Unending stories! You girl are writing your own story-what many people know nothing about, which I LOVE! Choosing to move, build a house and LIVE!
Go Candice!

I too agree with Gretchen's comments! Love everything you have written!


I love reading your blog, always putting a smile on my face envisioning your travels and adventures. I had not heard of the little miracles, glad you shared. And thank you for the pictures of my la hija y yerno disfrutar de el rodeo. Hugs, Julie

I had sent a previous comment, but it must have been lost in space! No doubt something to do with infamous internet connections..... Candice, you have become a Mexican... first of all you are putting off for tomorrow what you would have otherwise done already..... living in the present.... the first step on your mexican journey...... and I love the Boy Who Saved The Bull Roundup... enjoy your shopping spree in Tonala... we were just there last week... tomorrow we head for Mazatmitla for the day.... what an amazing country.. hope to cross paths...

Great photos! Those horses are gorgeous - and love the corona hat - what a hoot. I would love to see the young boy do his thing - I bet that was something else!

Have fun on your travels!

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