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February 11, 2011


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I can't believe the day arrived. The hill won't be the same with all the wonderful people that have moved off in recent years. TJ Maxx indeed! We were there the other day and I didn't see you. We also, walked out with things we hadn't even thought about when we walked in.
Enjoy unpacking all your treasures! How many pens and pencils did you pack.
Love to all,
Barb and Larry

I so enjoyed reading this latest blog. I can hear your voice, you truly write as you speak. Enjoy this next chapter, dear Candice. xoxo

And your point is, Mr. T-Bone?

If you recall, so is the Rav4...

The better to pack with marvelous roadside treasures on convoluted roadtrips, no?

You've been busy, busy. So nice to be traveling down with your brother and sister - have a great time as you introduce them to your new home!

Good thing you got those new clamps....for the Yamaha box....that goes on top of your car.....which is kind of boxy as I recall. Ahem.

Huge transition.
It will be fun unpacking all those feathers .. you have packed "FUN". Who needs anything more than pipe cleaners and clocks. I would love to be there when you get the red light in PV!!!!
I wish you only love as you unravel in your new home with a brother and sister on either side of you. GG

I can imagine the relief at finally having everything cleaned out and packed up -- but kind of an empty scary feeling too, to leave so many years of living there, far behind. But how exciting to think of things to come in your fabulous finished casa in Mexico!

Well, I'm glad you made a final trip to TJMaxx, there is always something you can't live without. I, however, have a lump in my throat thinking about the empty house and your moving so far away...

have fun with Denise and Greg....miss you already....xoxoxo

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