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January 21, 2011


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A couple weeks before Xmas I filled two grocery bags with empty boxes, which I then placed in my trunk. I did some grocery shopping later and when I opened the trunk to place the food, I impulsively removed one bag of boxes and left them next to the cart retrieval (surely someone would want them). As for that other
bagfull, a woman present at a holiday tea, sitting across from me, said she was wondering where to get some empty boxes. And to her went that bagfull.
I do have a few left...but I don't have many post-it notes around. And not many good pens.

Now let me get this straight, Judith. You want me to mail an empty box full of empty boxes full of empty boxes to TUCSON? That's a better outcome to this post than even I had anticipated!!



I'll take all the small jewelry boxes for the Gallery . . . people are constantly asking for them. You can mail them via slow boat to our Tucson address, and I'll bring them back by car in July. I am serious!


Thank you, Gretchen! You're so kind.

I notice no women readers have yet admitted to having Empty Box Syndrome. Come on, 'fess up. It's not only my family, is it? Or is it...?


Oh this is just SO priceless, and talk about striking a chord, singing the same tune, Snap, Bingo.... I was thinking that if the buttons were properly sewn onto a piece of pre-hole-punched metal they would make an excellent musical instrument, rivalling a washboard. I must be older than you, because recently I completely alarmed myself as I had to go out and PURCHASE pens. I don't think I have ever bought a pen, but I worked in a school.
The visions of little Candice in her long flannel nightgown tiptoeing up and down steps with her candle and trying to yodel... lovely.. I did get goats when I got older, but I still have trouble with the yodeling.
You are a beautiful writer, you manage to scour up memories inside us and let them dance in the sun.
That naked-man beach bag is going to be a hit.

Oh, all of you and your delightful comments make my life so much happier and easier these days (and always)!


Tracy wants to be carried around in that A&F bag! She says "He's just my size...I mean IT'S just my size!". Once again...you given us another week of amusement. Gracias!

I really enjoyed this blog Candice. I laugh at you, with you, at myself, and with all of us.

Those button bags! Yes. Finally, a use for them. Shall we start a San Pancho collection. Surely there are folks who can use them. And do they really need to match?

If you're looking for a really good, long-lasting, black ballpoint pen, see my best friend when you arrive. She has several hundred from a previous life.

I have yet to find a pen in Mexico with which I can write a decent grocery list. Bring them all. In a box.

Thanks for the smiles on a gloomy gray day...oh yes, I can relate!

Ah, yesss, the pens! Jim has magnetic fingers or sticky pockets when it comes to acquiring pens. We have pens from auto repair shops, banks, and hotels we've never even visited or even heard of, from towns hundreds of miles away. It's a mystery.

I don't know - those jewelry boxes may come in handy :) And yes, a naked man beach bag would be cool!

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