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January 07, 2011


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Sent chills down my spine. xoxo

Yes, it is strange, the likeness with what you've created. I suspect your love for travel and adventures have always been with you - and how strange that you bought a house that had that feeling within. Good Karma - very good Karma.

Yikes, Chica....arches, tile roof, palm trees, mountains...Welcome home.
Another post suggested a photo of the tile. I am thinking a painting.....yours, done in your new San Pancho studio. muchos besos...xo

Whoa. Cue Rod Serling...

That is just downright astounding, awesome, magical, mystical and made me cry. How very mucho profound. There really are no more words, other than your own, in existence to explain/describe the knowledge behind that discovery, way back when you found it and today as you rediscover it on your blog. Somewhere in my past I remember a reasonably huge moment in my own life that spoke of coincidences, and the extreme need to heed them with aggression. If this is not what you have done, consciously or subconsciously..... then nothing is!
I am sure you have that magestic palm tree as a little baby in front of your own San Pancho castle. Someone needs to do a photo of your fireplace tile and have it hung in the new casa... whew!

That's amazing! Your path was always there right in front of you!

If that didn't feel so right, it would be downright creepy!
The guru, the pink lint, the walled over tile which predicted your future so many years ago.
A perfect transition guiding you from the old house to the new.

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