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December 03, 2010


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Dee, the grass is from a sod farm/nursery east of Bucerias and came just like it does in the states, in rolls. It is doing very well on the Eventual Orchard level and on the pool level--although I've just added "shade grass seed" to my shopping list for an area near the front gate that gets only an hour or two of morning sun and where the sod seems less happy...

Candice, I am admiring your green lawn - I assume that is the large lower level below the pool. Just curious whether you can buy sod in Mexico, or whether all that grass has grown from seed?

Very Cool! You're very own planted tree - from a coconut that a friend found. Very nice of Archie to find this gem and give it to you to plant! You'll remember that - and when it's 20 feet tall you'll be saying "that was planted from a volunteer plant of a coconut that my friend Archie gave me" - and look how big it is!!! (My huge gardenia bush started the same way!) - Enjoy!


what a powerful, kleenex tale. I hope that little palm tree shows up as often as TG in your blogs so we can see it grow tall and strong. :)

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