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December 31, 2010


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Such a feat and such a feast for the eyes. Truly stunning in every way. Happy new year dear friend..have fun enjoying and savoring your accomplishments and delighting in what is to come.

C xo

what is that cool pillar, sceptre looking thing to the right of the pool waiting for a place to be?

So beautifully written Candice. Poignant even. Actually made me a little sad - sometimes it is hard to think about what has happened in the past year or two - but luckily often there are some very good things that create somewhat of a balance -

Your house is absolutely gorgeous. You have created a work of art. Congratulations.

I hope to see you in the future my friend. Happy New Year!


Thank you, Gretchen! I'll put a shot of that picture in soon. It's a treasure we found in Ajijic.

No...the blog shall not see its end any time soon. It will evolve, of course, as all things do. But there are too many stories to tell! We still have all of Mexico to explore -- so many things to shop for, so many road trips to take, so many more treasures to discover, so many people to meet, don't we?


You just give WWW a whole new concept...
Way With Words
what a beautiful tribute to your own vision of what was, what is, and what will be. Just beautiful.
I am in love with your stove .... and am wondering if you can do a shot of the colourful picture that you can just glimpse off to the right of the stove. Love the magnet utensil holder... there are so many amazing little touches to that casa.... you must be So proud, Mighty proud. .... and you cannot possibly be finished, because then what..... cannot possibly be the end of the blog!? Happy New Year Candice!

Thank you and Feliz Año Nuevo back to you!

Also want to send thanks and kudos for the swell poems that arrived in "Comments" in response to my Christmas post! You wonderful readers are just a hoot :-)


Looky what you did! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! P.S. I can help you with the "slowing down" thing...

Love your motto! What a gorgeous progression a year made in that house! Happy travels in 2011!

As always, your blog is a pleasure to read. In the last few years, the word "awesome" has devolved into everyday use for anything vaguely nice. However, your casa is truly awesome in the original meaning of awe inspiring!

The pink door under the stairs turned out wonderful! Did you finish that yourself?

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