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November 25, 2010


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Travis??? Who is Travis? Isn't he the turkey back in Ajijic?


okay, so someone unraveled the yarn, at least they picked a hole in it..... who let the cats out?
drunken beans, tyrone, mystery men, turkey dinners in Mexico in THAT heat! I think I get it.

Yea - I knew it was Travis - the mystery man. Happy that you had a good Thanksgiving - and I will brag that I had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at my sister's (with me adding a couple of things to the menu) - an oyster roast the next night at my sweet niece Khansas' - and a Mexican fiesta last night also at Khansas's with achiote pulled pork - tamales I ordered from Arizona, mexican rice, drunken beans and some Patron tequila - almost all the family was here - lots of fun!

I think it's pretty obvious you have Forgiveness issues. My sympathy is with Tyrone.

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