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November 12, 2010


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Great job on the fountain. And great post! I too am in suspense about the Queen coming!

What-to-do, what-to-do, what-to-do...... you had one of THOSE days, I love this day you had, I love the way you passed it on to us, I love the pruning-shear state you found yourself in..... it was a good day, in spite of the lack of tools ..... Mothers of Invention was a good group.

This is the saddest story I ever read. Thank goodness it had a happy ending. Nice job on the screen door solution. Creative problem solving....Life in Mexico.

Does that mean you actually slept there or are you still at the rental. Love the fountain....love your blogs! So Thanksgiving is two weeks away....and Nina is coming! Is it going to be done!? The suspense is killing me!


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