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November 05, 2010


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This is such a great story..... a story that requires patience and foresight..... something those political people ought to heed on occasion! After a ten month blanket the pool and it's regal Watchers are exposed to begin their lives in your very own back yard. I LOVE the name Watchers Dee..... every one of these san Pancho Vida posts are powerful, this one close to the top of the heap. GG

Just want to say how much I'm enjoying your comments.
Dee, I love "The Watchers" for the rocks. Perfect. Thanks.
Jeanne, glad you like the sand beneath the rocks. I do, too. Thanks for being such a faithful and responsive reader.
Char, always cherish the knowledge that you're reading and staying in touch.
Carey, miss you mucho and thanks!
Jen, welcome to San Pancho Vida and keep in touch.
Janice, you'd better come see me when you're in San Pancho.
Nicole, great to hear from you as always.
Beck, love your blog, too! May I post your link?? Email me.
Dave, glad you and Linda made it over for a visit. Best of luck on your own building project. Have fun!
Barb M, what a treat to know you're there.
Allen, of course I am delighted you approve the feng shui so far and can't wait til you get down here to see it all in person.
Travis...you are one funny boy.

Wow! Beautiful! Serene! I want to see you in it!

Gorgeous pool! I love the base for the rocks - you were so right! Great job!

Those rocks have their own personalities and will be soothing companions for solitary dips in the pool. Each one deserves it's own name, but collectively I'd call them "The Watchers." And what a view they have!

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