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October 22, 2010


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Loved reading about Tonala and the pictures from the 'back of the shop' were wonderful! I love to see how things are made...thinking maybe someday I could make those too...

You are breaking ground for me as I begin to build the house in Bucerias. At some point, I'll also make this trip to Tonala, not soon enough in my book, however! Thanks for sharing one more part of your jouney. Dave....

Candice, you should have bought a used Ford truck instead of the RAV4! You could have hauled home a huge load of pots piled three high in the back!

What a great shopping trip! So glad you are posting all the pictures for us. Sometimes I think I want to see Tonala, but knowing I could never haul home all the stuff I would want by airplane, I think I'm better off not crying my eyes out over what I can't have!

Can't wait to see how things are progressing back at the casa!

Fun, fun fun!!! Just reading your post made me exhausted. You did so much shopping in such a short period of time! And found some beautiful things!

I, like Gretchen, love the pot with the iguana. I’d buy the tall vase with the iguana, and the beige one to the left of it in the photo. Maybe 2 of each if you needed them. I absolutely love the brown chimenea with the iguana and beige top – definitely buy AT LEAST one of those. I actually like all of them – maybe would have to buy one of all but my first choice would be the iguana one. I love the pots that are natural colored (to the left of the yellow ones) – they would look gorgeous with lush plants in them.

And I would love to have the pink/fuschia colored fairy dress for Halloween – if you look closely you’ll see that it has wings. It’s beautiful.

I can’t wait to see the progress on the house!

You put those back in the box right now, Trenton!!

Ummmm.....just checking. Are you saying the "everyday" glassware you left in Tracy's room is intended for San Pancho?


Well, this sure beats a day at the local mall..... Holy Bat Wings, how I would have loved to have trailed along behind you. Love the colour of the "everyday" glasses, REALLY love the table you have chosen, only bigger, and each of those chairs gets lovingly constructed, so nice to see, how could you not want them. You have done your homework with adaptable wood and ocean breezes... parota is very warm looking.
The pots.. well one of my choices would be the iguana-graced one, and mostly all the rest!... but I like the ones that have droopy handles on the side, they look the most Mexican to me.
I am worn out just imagining your shopping excursion in Tonala.. whew!
PS: how did you actually cross the non-bridged river?

I am SO insanely jealous of you and hope to meet you someday so I can get over it :-)
We bought a half-built house in Bucerias in 2007 and still haven't finished it.
Two years ago we visited San Pancho for the first time and fell instantly in love. Now we drive the Hwy from Bucerias to San Pancho just to hang out on the beach and have tacos when we are there. I adore your casa and every tiny detail that you have put into it. You are an inspiration.

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