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October 29, 2010


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Simply beyond words....amazingly beautiful...I am so happy and excited for you! What a thanksgiving you will all have!


Good morning from Bucerias! OK, I'm ready to come and visit! Are you home on Friday? I should have the first drawings of my house to share as well. Can't wait to see this in real life! We'll have a car on Friday so can come to visit...if we can ford the river!

You are so delightful! I have been enjoying reading about your building process while I wait for our return to San Pancho in mid November. Can't wait to see your casa glowing on the hill as we drive in to town, now that you have lights! Excellent job.

Ms. Creative Builder! Ditto, Ditto, Ditto to all the comments. It is magnificent!

WOW! I expected a phenomenal home, but this is outrageously beautiful! The mandala stained glass is off the hook, my dear. Truly inspiring - all of it.

Beautiful Candice! I love your light fixtures, your ceiling fan, your stained glass windows (no - you don't have too many hummingbirds), your plants ( I can envision them in your planters), your pool, (it is absolutely gorgeous and decadent), and above all - the view of the door frame looking into the casa with the beautiful window. I think your feng shui will be fine :)

Is your e-mail still the same? Would like to talk to you.

Hugs and congrats on all you've done! Stunning!

Muy fabuloso how your decor continues to develop! Love all the stain glass windows, and The Door! And the leaf ceiling fan! And And And ... everything! Yes, Salvage Guy owes you big time. Hmmm, so many possibilities of what to do with that freebie fountain.

AND that IS water in your pool! Have you taken a dip yet? I like the grass around the pool area, will that be permanent?

I'm guessing the old fountain from Salvage Guy that you'd never laid eyes on before is the bedroom door that went missing?....so there's that.

I love the stained glass windows! What a great addition. And have you taken a dip in the pool since it looks like there is water in there?

Absolutely gorgeous home! All the artisan work you've incorporated is amazing. I was introduced to your blog by my friend Jeanne, who also frequents Isla Mujeres. I'm so glad she gave me the link! My husband and I are making our first trip to Bucerias and the Puerto Vallarta area in late November to check it out. Best wishes for a wonderful life in your new home in San Pancho!

Candace---I can feel your excitement all the way to Seattle. Things look so beautiful. You must be very proud of your accomplishment. I can't wait until next week.


The Moon and reflection windows above the front door are BEAUTIFUL! Regarding the feng shui with the window across from the front door...we may have to stick some cardboard behind it. haha! I thought it was funny. But I'm still confused. Busy? What's left to do?

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