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September 17, 2010


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Oh my Goodness...... it is just breathtaking... the changes since the last photos are startling and they swoop right into your heart... what an absolutely lovely home, I DO hope Queenie is able to see it. The big IGOR storm was decent enough to stay on the east side of N.A. and it seems as though the diggers and worker-guys are on that bridge story.
I am still in awe of your home... it is just wonderful.
Does Queenie know she is Queenie !?

Dee, the planter box in the photo is on the casita, off its terrace. I'll have to get you a wide angle photo in a few weeks, but the photo on this post was taken from the living terrace of the main house.

Yes indeed, we had to mess with a lot of dirt for the lower level, removing quite a bit of the existing sand/clay soil and bringing in several trucks of plant-friendly soil. It's all leveled now...or it was, before they started digging around in it again to add more drainage registers. I have a big pile of good dirt in reserve to use to fill planting holes when I get back and get planting!

Thanks to all you fine commenters!

Glad to read this update and see that everything is still on track at the casa. The planting of your first Tree is an event that should have been celebrated with champaign! Did you have to haul in any dirt to level out that lower garden area? What fun you will have choosing plants to put down there! Can you post a picture of where the pink/salmon planter box fits into the larger mustard yellow house walls in that area? I can't quite remember the whole picture. How lucky you are to have a Queenie still in your life, hope she can make it down as planned.

Maybe you can convince Queenie that she needn't pack all her things. She sounds like a girl who likes to shop. Tell her she can pick up whatever she lacks at the I. Magnin in San Pancho. (The house is looking great....I see tasties!)

PS - and your doors are beautiful! I love them.

Gorgeous! Love your palm tree - and your sunset bar is looking FABULOUS. I can imagine sitting up there watching the sunset with one of your famous mango margaritas!

I bet they have a bridge and up and functioning as soon as possible with the hospital being there and for general transportation issues.

Your Mom sounds wonderful! Her stay there with you will be an adventure!

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