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September 24, 2010


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So glad you asked about that strange and wonderful flower, Gretchen, because I didn't know, so I researched it. It is a type of ginger! Its common name is beehive ginger, its botanical name zingiber spectabilis. I've only seen it in one nursery garden. It comes in several varieties. I think I need a corner for strange and wonderful flowers, don't you?


So beautiful! Everything you pictured is just gorgeous! I can only imagine what this will add to your beautiful casa!

PS: What are those incredibly interesting "chain mail" flowers.. the ones that start at the bottom with a deep kind of rust and slowly transform into a creamy colour... and look as though are made from some sort of laquered chain..... I think 18th pic from the bottom.....

I like your nursery school. Great photos.

As usual!

Bring on the Thanksgiving Turkey!


Just stunning...... you are going to have a garden to behold, I just know it. You capture such a delight for everything beautiful, you will have no problemas just "being" in Mexico.
LOVE those verigated leaves too.

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