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October 01, 2010


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A Note From Tracy Guadalupe: "Finally, a well-deserved place of honor! It's not easy looking this fabulous! Thank you Gretchen...you've managed to capture my inner-beauty as well!"

And by the way, Tracy would like those hunky construction workers she was once photographed with to attend her "unveiling".

OMG!!! I just so love it!!!



I Love It!!! Gretchen - you are SO talented. This is just perfect for Candice!

I cannot believe all the energy you have Candice! You make me feel like a slug! Have some fun too while you're working so hard!

Good one, Dee!

Perfect, Gretchen, just perfect! I had a wonderful giggle! Hmmmm .......... perhaps it would fit well in a place of honour on the wall of the guest casita, which most properly ought to be named Casita Tracy, .... (and NOT Casita de Torvald and Ambrose, or whoever those low-lifes were.)

This just made me smile!!! as does Tracy!

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