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September 13, 2010


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Great story about the flood! I have been reading about the effects from the same storm on Zihua. They lost a lot of the Playa Principal due to erosion. We'll be down there next month to survey it all. Glad the cat's OK. Hope the repairs aren't too difficult.

What a mess! And it's amazing how quickly things were cleaned. If San Pancho has the only regional hospital for a large area I would bet that replacing the bridge will be a high priority. Hopefully the displaced people will be quickly helped.

Wow, life is never dull is it! I am glad you are back safe and sound. Crews came in just like that to clean up? Sounds well organized....cities elsewhere should take note! Glad the Casa held her own!

I am just speechless at the devastation those rainstorms have caused in San Pancho. To have good memories of the many times we have walked over that bridge makes it all the more shocking to see the mess. Quite an elegant little footbridge. It will be interesting to see how long it remains the sole means of moving goods and people into San Pancho. Glad ShooMee safely lived out the night, poor kitty!

Yes, Gretchen and all who are asking about the casa--it's fine. We are adding more drainage everywhere, now that we know how much rain can actually fall in a 24 hour period. This was a very unusual storm, according to all the local residents. But all in all, the house behaved perfectly.

And yes, I am back in Seattle, all dried out but wanting to sleep a lot :-)


My God.
What more can be said.
Those poor people who have been displaced and those amazing Mexicans who could probably rebuild the Eifel tower over night should it fall down. Talk about Saints....
It must be terribly comforting to realize who your neighbours are... saints.
Is your home safe too?

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