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August 20, 2010


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Your pen is, once again, sprinkled with magic. I just sat back and drifted after reading your Private Party Post. You have such a way of grabbing onto and hugging your "todays"...... suffering little tantrums, resolving the reasons for them and quietly moving aside for awhile and just floating about in the middle of the new surroundings. Your desire to have it all finished and all the ducks in a row has been somewhat redefined and I really really like that, it reminds all of us where our priorities really ought to be... here in the today. Thanks Candice, and enjoy that rainy season with all its colour.

Hi Jeanne. Since you probably have that old Mango Marg recipe close at hand...and I don't...how about sending it in as a comment so we can share it with everyone?

Thanks for all your good comments!


Hi Candice - off topic but wanted you to know that you are a published author in a cookbook. One of the frequent visitors to Isla Mujeres put together a cookbook with visitor's recipes as well as restaurants on Isla's recipes. I sent in 5 or 6 - and I also sent your Mango Margarita's recipe. Got my copy of the book and your recipe is listed - spelled your name wrong but close enough - Candace Fulton. Hope you don't mine! It's for a good cause - raising money for La Gloria English School on Isla Mujeres.

Your little brother is celebrating his new found freedom and a new place to live, too! I can smell and hear the joy of San Pancho summertime and wish you the finest time there is. Love you to pieces, mi hermana fabulosa!

It sounds divine and simply steamy with passion and possibilities. Could there be a novel in your future?
Sometimes the least desirable conditions bring surprising treasures and experiences.

Look forward to your next post enjoy your peace and quiet, sounds like you are surrounded by wonderful friends.


I would love the see the groups of parrots flying around. Looking good! Sounds like things are calming down somewhat. Enoy the Arts and Crafts exposition - that sounds like great fun. And enjoy your visit with our kooky friend!

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