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August 13, 2010


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LOVE the iron laced ivy under the palapa of your studio..... SO inspiring for any work being done underneath..... what is it you will be doing in your studio...?
Your bathtub is exquisite and that wooden sliding door is gorgeous. The whole thing will be more than worth the wait just to flush a toilet, or sleep in a bed, or cook a pez! You must be giddy.... I am and I am so far removed from this project!

Ahhhh.....good doggy!

P.S. Having been previously privy to the budgetary bathtub burp....I must say the onyx solution is brilliant. Well done!

Love it! Just gorgeous - and that last photo is spectacular!

And that is one huge tub! Of course, you are teeny tiny so ..... You need to frame that photo!

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