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June 25, 2010


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Wow, wow, wow!!!it just gets more exciting every week. Love the big windows and the arches, always a sucker for arches. The colors are yummy,the whole thing is just amazing!!

Love the new pictures and can't wait to see more in person when I am there in October. The colors are wonderful, great ideas for my own new home in Bucerias! Keep the pictures coming!

Your attention to detail continues even when you're away. That's impressive! I can only imagine the expression on your face when you return to see the house in August! Those doors...WOW! The new wall in front is wonderful... I like the new design. Tell Curt we all appreciate his photos...as usual, can't wait until next week!

Been away for a couple of weeks and I return to a casa WELL on its way to being defined.....
"Defined" is such an inadequate word, your castle is SO SO SO beautiful. The little pool palapa.. wow, that shower floor, big wow, the amazing curves of the steps, the amazing curves of the rooms and windows... Huge WOWS...
Good luck in Seattle bringing some of those issues together.. while the casa never stops, a little neverEndingStory....I am tongue tied... it is all just so wonderful.

I love the guest room shower floor! And the doors! Things are progressing rapidly now - I can't imagine how excited you must be.

ooooh! Looking so good! Almost better NOT to be there, so the work seems to get done faster than when you eyeball every step daily?

I have always loved that dull yellow mustard clay color, great choice ... and surprise! the guest casita is a different color and that complements and also breaks up and gives interest to the expanse of vast walls. You're probably driving Dick batty with details, but how cool if he never saw any of this until you brought him down for moving in day. You'd knock his socks off!

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