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June 04, 2010


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Dee, that crosshatching you noticed is the result of grooves chiseled in the concrete so that the next layer -- the colored cement -- will adhere. They've done it on all the surfaces, horizontal and vertical, where Lupe will add his finish.

Gretchen, the stones Lupe is using in the shower stall are all gathered from the beaches on the north side of Punta de Mita, sometimes by Lupe and his sons, sometimes by "finders" he hires. And yes, size matters :-)

Thanks to all you Commenters! I do appreciate your messages.


Incredibly amazing and beautiful....love the porch and stairs, doors, tiles....the colors just oooze life and warmth..its getting so exciting!

All the lovely, quirky pieces are coming together so beautifully in the casa! What was the purpose of that odd freehand cross-hatching above the stove before it was plastered over?

Love your three burner arrangement, makes perfect sense to have a central holding/work space.

Can't wait for the next update, just hope the boys don't make any odd decisions during your brief absence!

Well, last week I said you were going to have to come up with something pretty spectacular to top last week's blog. And THAT you did, my dear! Fantastic week, fantastic progress, fantastic photos!!!

First of all, how did you EVER find all those exactly right rocks, which apparently are all the same size to fit into that little ledge.. what a PERFECT idea.. you must have little visions dancing in your head at bedtime every night.
Loving the stove and its onion top, gourmet meals down the road!
How will you ever be casually far away from all this finishing work? Hurry back!
The next peek at things will be amazing..

WOW, wow, wow!!!! Just amazing. The colors are beautiful, the design breathtaking, everything is coming together like you planned! You and your maestros have done a fabulous job Candice. Congratulations!

"Curiosa....", said Guadalupe, upon seeing la estufa in foto #1.

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