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May 07, 2010


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She DOES have wings, Gretchen! As you say, pretty little fairy wings. And also pretty little devil horns. She is the perfect female.

I have just realized that Tracy has WINGS... pretty little fairy wings.....

All that shopping must have tuckered poor Tracy right out, no time or energy for any night life. Too bad, I bet that girl can really shake her Bon Bon.

Very cool market - I could do some shopping there!

I agree, is there a Tracy book in the works? Best seller if you ask me!

Loving it, am I seeing a book in the making? Such happy colors! Loving it!!

I would like to know if they got you one of those dresses?

Now that was priceless...... Tracy you are pure bling..... we love you, and Death By Boredom is over, for now. Just a little aside Tracy, there is talk of a castle being constructed up on a hill, overlooking an ocean, surrounded by possibilites of an action packed life. Not sure if there is a real bedroom for a small multi-coloured person, but you could/should ask. Meanwhile, thanks for finally getting "them" to take you out..... laughing is the best way to begin a Friday!

Such great pix and wonderful color! Makes me wonder if El Arqui wants to throw up when he visits the tianguis because it is so vibrantly alive with color… or perhaps it is the sheer vibrance that paralyzes him when he's in his own element and scares him into the (boring) safety of beige! lol

Tracy gives a good tour! I hope she was rewarded by someone buying her that green gauzy Scarlett O'Hara number from the dress rack.

I'm sitting here in 38 degrees and rain, which is expected to turn to snow this afternoon. The bright colors and cheery sights of a Mexican market are a real pick-me-up from the cold snap blahs. I covet that big orange basket the basket man is carrying - I'd put it inside my entrance to catch hats, mittens and scarves.

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