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May 21, 2010


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I love the banyan trees - they are beautiful. Your casa is really coming along!

The house is magnificent, perfect for the Goddess of Magnificence! I hope they leave you some of the scaffolding for dusting - lol! Looks wonderful and it's so nice to see the finishing touches coming into play - the paint, the tile, the wood. It's fabulous, as are you my dear Candice! XOXO

Exhilerating to watch the progression of your amazing casa and to witness your many talents and gifts. You are a renaissance woman extraordinaire!!

Whoever figured out how to get these to me automatically, thank you! Candice, with every writing your house, correction; home, is becoming even more amazingly beautiful! Your entire postings should be made into a book for publication, the photos, the narration (especially the stories of your alter ego Tracy), everything! I love your writing style and appreciate, once again, traveling on your journey with you!
You have many talents but for my money your ability to enhance the pictures with your “painting” of the words should be shared with the entire world!!!!!

I love love love the arched window. Y claro que si el circo!

I looked at the circus this morning and continue to be in awe of the entire project and YOU!

I think the Banyan trees are spectacular... I have always thought them to be the master of all trees. And you have enslaved one to be on your patio forever! Good catch.
Your Menagerie of Maestros reminds me of the saying: "tis not the length of the wand, but the magic in the stick"
That arched window... beautiful... the steps have been crafted to perfection..... and how you keep all those Maestros in line is pure magic... I do believe you own the wand! Another great Friday report... GG

So. Worth. It.


Hi Char! The tent thing is the future palapa near the pool and will be roofed with palm fronds.
The tree wrapped around the post is natural. It started its life as an epiphyte, germinating in the upper branches of a host tree, then began to wrap around the host seeking the earth.
Eventually, these trees, which are a type of fig, rob all the nutrients from their host tree and kill it. If conditions are right, they will grow into huge trees, over 100 feet tall. Many thrive in the jungles here in Nayarit, and they grow in other tropical places too. They are known as strangler figs (how macabre!) and also as banyan trees!

Ok, what is the tent thing? I love the tree wrapped around it....the steps are wonderful too....in spite of the circus, it sure is a great performance, can't wait for next weeks....good luck....

C xo

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