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May 13, 2010


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Dear TGuad, aka Señorita Tracy Guadalupe: next time I take a trip to buy purple nail polish or feather tiaras or sequined gowns or anything with rhinestones, you are SO invited to be my shopper.

Household furnishing and fixtures, however, will have to pass my own personal taste buds. I'm sure you'll find some of my choices excruciatingly boring...but perhaps you'll be dazzled by others. Although I am sadly certain that you will be disappointed in the lack of pinkosity.

Besos back.
Tu tia Candice

Sister. Please. A little credit. I so taught you everything you know about shopping...¡Besos!

Well, we've seen the doors and lights adventures....can hardly wait for the furniture....feels like I am right there shopping along side of you....Love it!

Those will be beautiful in your casa. Can't wait for your update next week.

Have fun with your two distractions!

I could never even begin to say how absolutely fascinating it is to hear about your mode of shopping for furnishings... no Sears Catalog, no Costco trips, not even a Wally World...... just pure imaginative adventures and travels..... you make the saying.... "it is not the destination, but the Journey that matters" come to life with fireworks. Your destination will be so FULL of your Journey. Thanks again for a little taste of Casa Filling in Mexico. GG

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