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April 16, 2010


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Once again, thank you so much for sharing your many and varied adventures! After reading these I feel as though I have been on your travels with you, I do vicarious quite well. And I must tell you, Mr. Rick Steves has got nothing over you sister! Your home is shaping up to be amazingly beautiful, keep sending the updates. I thoroughly enjoy the break from the mundane.

How very interesting to see the construction up close and personal. Thanks for sharing and making us part of the experience. Love, Sandy

Thanks for your comments! Wow back at ya, so wonderful to hear from you all in the midst of this sublime madness.

Allen, I may have a noisy crew, but at least they use good dental hygiene.

Regarding the walls, yes, they are beautiful right now. But having lived in Seattle most of my life, I really can't do GRAY any more!


Just Amazing! Love the huge doorway!

So, so beautiful. How fun to be able to watch your dream come to fruition.

Candice, the interior walls are so gorgeous, I don't think I'd even paint them. They're just beautiful. By the way, is the Colgate used for spackling? Who knew?

All I can say is WOW......
It seems a little like a grand castle being prepared for a very special fairy princess... wait a minute... that is exactly what IS happening.
I loved the fan and attached electrical gnarl. Everything is SO majestic, so grandiose... your arQuiteco is very very accomplished. Yet another "wow"

Fantastic! Love the views and all the arches! Way to go Girl!

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