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April 09, 2010


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You mean you didn't buy the swimming suit. It would've looked so nice on your friend, Travis. His birthday is coming up soon, you know. It's not too late to go back and get it.

Those lamps!!!

Gretchen, consider this post a community service :) I understand that Las Vegas does not appeal to all, and happy I could provide you with some safe-and-sane glimpses.


Steve Wynn..... I MUST google him... what an absolutely beautifully designed place.... there must be a big story about this person.... I am tantalized, as I am sure you were when first you came upon his offerings. As for Las Vegas, I am not sure if this twitch is related, but I just don't think it and I would bond!!!! Everyone says... "oh just go"...... but I am still not captured by all the glitz... fun to see the pictures though, the more I see the less I will have to go to see!
Have fun in San Pancho this trip... looking forward to hearing about all the progress.

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