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March 26, 2010


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I absolutely LOVE your trips..... this one in particular. That weaving shop was SO interesting, who would ever have guessed that squished bugs = Red. and that rather cool little red transporter..... what the heck was it?
Looking forward to Monte Alban
God I am jealous... all this travel, amazing travel companions and just serendipity luck wandering along with you to make your trips so "colourful"......

How could I not take a photo of that second sign? There's a snake in the toilet, for crying out loud. Such detail.

Char, I often think about Boop when I'm writing. I'm sure you're right. I can just hear her asking questions...and laughing...

I can't help but think how much Boop would have enjoyed reading your blogs....

Fascinating about the process of coloring....

It would have been very hard for me to resist those rugs! Beautiful!!!

Thanks, Candice

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