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March 05, 2010


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Gretchen, I know you love those early morning walks as much as I do. I only saw one or two people about: the carniceria opening up and a man walking toward the plaza with a rake. And the deer, of course! There must be a story there...

I was surprised at how late the town awoke. I was ready for tea or coffee long before coffee was ready for me at the restaurant on the plaza that is "first to open". But when it WAS ready, it was wonderful. More about Nayarit coffee next week.

Oh the visions of Mexico......
and there truly is (whispering) nothing to compare to those early morning walks. I am addicted to dawn, to flowers growing out of old chunky concrete... and that little hanging shelf above the doorway..... SO sweet. Once again, Candice, you capture the soul of a day...
and cause a little tear to well up.....
Thank you!

At first I was totally PO'd when I heard you went on this roadtrip without me, but that town looks so forever dead. Glad you had a good time, I guess. Whatever. Out. -TG

Lovely photos of a gracious and tranquil looking little pueblo. Makes me want to visit! I really liked the photo of the window with the red flowers and ?? double ox yoke ?? thing hanging above it. I could just imagine a lovely senorita with high comb and mantilla stepping out from the room behind.

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