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March 12, 2010


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Great coffee. Did you enjoy the Italian food again? What fun. Looking great girl.

Nice to see Bob Howell's name in one of your comments..... he was such a character and watching him roast coffee was so interesting...... whislt a bucket of iguana eggs brewed beside the process... I wonder if Vicky has carried on the tradition. What seems so perfect about Mexican coffee is that you do not turn into a jumping bean after consuming it. I don't know why our norte americano coffee is so caffeine ridden. GREAT trip Candice... in fact I would just like to point out that my jealousy level has risen shockingly since you started your little escapades in that country... LOVE your Friday posts...... Love them a lot!

Note from Candice: As Gretchen explained to me, the late Bob Howell would collect iguana eggs he found abandoned on his trips into the hills. Gretchen continues: "His plans were to hatch them out and take them back up into the hills where they would not be disturbed by egg thieves. He was concerned that more and more people were encroaching on the private nesting sites of both turtles and rare iguanas and both were threatened. The warmth from his coffee roasting operation just kept the eggs in good shape for hatching." As you can see, the eggs were not meant to go with the coffee for breakfast.

Hey, I want some of those green coffee beans too! Bob Howell got me started on roasting coffee when we stayed at his B&B a few years ago. I was also able to buy green beans from him up until the last year of his life. I hear you can also buy them in Compostella, but San Sebastian would be way more scenic!

And for your topic next week .... we need more casa progress pictures!

Awesome stories and photos. Thanks for keeping 'em coming.


Amiga...we had just finished reading your latest installment when your email popped up! Your storytelling is the best. You certainly captured the culture and character of this sweet historic place. And don't stop that camera from doing its thing!

What a beautiful town - thanks for all of the history. Although I'm not a big fan of flavored coffee, I'd like to give the coffee with Oaxacan chocolate and cinnamon a try!

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