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March 19, 2010


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Candice, How I loved Oaxaca when I was there. Thank you for the pictures. Say Hello to Allen and Travis. I miss you dearly. The construction is going so well. I am very happy for you. Long to see you again your wonderful smile warms the heart.

Connie Carleton

Now that night life looked like a lot of fun...great pics!

Hi Dee. As for Tracy G...she's just going to have to deal with it.

On your other topic--my guess is that Oaxaca is not really a tourist culture and that the problems there are more profound than lack of tourism or even the current world economy. I imagine tourist dollars help some, but there seems something more fundamental going on. I don't know or understand enough to speculate further.

Some girls have all the luck! Candice on a trip to Oaxaca alone with three good looking guys -- Well! Miss Tracy Guadalupe will not have THAT again!

I'm sorry to hear Oaxacans are having a tough time economically. I guess what fewer tourism dollars come in, tend to stay on the coasts?

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