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February 12, 2010


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Omigod, Watson!! You're right again! Tepic and Aguascalientes are reversed on that map! One is where the other should be and the other is where the first one belongs!

No wonder your faithful navigator, who modestly prides herself on her map reading and navigational skills, was so completely flummoxed.

Pretty amazing stuff! Makes me want to travel again.

Dear Sherloca, I give full navigational credit, including the tour of eastern Oregon, to you. (Pssst, Dee. Re the streets of Guanajuato: "Like a bowl of spaghetti that's been dropped. Twice.")

Ha! Dr. Watson--you are no doubt right. Seems to me we were missing turnoffs and bypasses both ways, though...and seems to me I deserve some thanks from Dr. Watson Dos who was listening to his IPod in the back seat and leaving the navigating to me!

Always a pleasure roadtripping with you.

Those bags were actually full of cement. But don't worry, Dee. Burros are like women: they can can carry an astonishing load and just keep on being adorable.

Actually, I think we did drive through a bit of Eastern Oregon, but it was on the way back. If I recall we got turned around on the way to Aguacalientes which, por ejemplo, is currently masquerading as Tepic on the map in your blog. Damn maps. (So glad I got to see Guanajuato with your eyes!)

Those poor little overloaded burros at the cathedral broke my heart! I hope those bags were full of light weight cotton and not heavy shelled beans!

What a lovely and mysterious place to visit. Didn't someone once liken the street layout to a plate of spaghetti noodles? Thank you for sharing your adventures de Los Tres Amigos.

Wow! What a beautiful city! Love your photos - isn't it wonderful that Travis and Allen are near for all of you to be able to go on these adventures together. Love it.

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