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January 29, 2010


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It just means there is a better and more wonderful door out there waiting to be found

Sorry to read about your doors! A fun adventure looking for them with a not so good outcome. Maybe you'll find some you like even better.


Oh my gosh, Sue. I'm sure you're right. That darn skeleton was just the thing, and I didn't buy it. I'll get it next time, although Dee said she had dibs on it. But Dee doesn't know where Salvage Guy is and I do. Sort of...

Thanks, all you fine and clever friends, for your comments. I just love getting them.


Candice, the cement truck was doing the traditional siesta!! How cool is that....
I went back to the photo of the doors and the problem started when you did not buy the skeleton. It looked the famous, "protector of the doors bought by Candice". Not many people have heard of this protector but it is there. You can find the spirit close to the two toilet's.
xo sue

Now why doesn't that surprise me? But losing that fabulous door is heartbreaking! Next trip to Salvage Guy's, bring your own piece of chalk and scribble CANDICE in big letters on both sides of your doors???!!!
Such fun to hear of continuing adventures with Travis and Allen. More to come, I hope.

¡Buen trabajo, Sherloca!

(BTW, I hear the cement truck was resting there on its side for twelve hours....)

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